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If you’re struggling with career choices or looking for career related counseling, then voila, you are at a right place. We believe that

“On the journey to achievement, you must be learning all the time.

We have experts who will access your capabilities, guide you throughout your journey, and bring out your best. We use assessment tools, oftencalled career tests, to gather information about your traits and, subsequently generate a list of occupations that are a good fit based on them. Don’t worry; we are there to navigate this whole process of brightening up your future.

Career Assessment

Career assessment is a way to learn more about how well a variety of careers might suit you. Each assessment focuses on a specific area, such as skills, interests, or values.

Skill Assessment

Your skills describe what you like to do and what you are good at. You develop skills by training and experience that improve your ability to do tasks.

Interest Assessment

An interest assessment can help you identify careers that meet your interests. Interest assessments usually ask you a series of questions about what you like .

From Himja Rana !

Here’s the career advice you probably didn’t get…
We have incorporated Career Guidance Program which will not only guide you with your future aspirations but also take care of your personal interests and required trainings. I personally place confidence in saying that one should choose career options that match one’s values because knowing what you value the most will help you refine your career search and choice.

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“A child needs encouragement like a plant needs water.” We provide a regular counseling session that builds up the mental growth of the student and also makes him/her aware of the numerous opportunities that the world has to offer. Expert advice from career counselors can do wonders for students who are confused about their career path.


Career Guidance Workshops is a levelled up approach of engaging with students. The workshop includes interactive session for candidates using audio-visual aids, assists students in identifying career options and appropriate higher education routes for each, thus enabling them determine the steps they need to take to equip themselves for the world of work.

Our Success Stories

  • “My experience with Careers Club was excellent. The career options I was suggested were explained in depth & I am happy with whatever I’m doing now.”

    Sahil Bagga
    Sahil Bagga
  • "Careers Club helped me in sorting out my Career related issues. I get clarity about my career path . It was a great experience!"

  • "All my career related confusions were cleared after the counseling session. Session was interactive and all possible outcomes were discussed for my career. It has given me new direction to think about possible opportunities and the right way to achieve them."

  • "Practical and job oriented way of teaching. Professional instructor and small batches. Weekend batches which are to professionals as we can do our job and upgrade our skills too. "


We are empowered by passion and enthusiasm.

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